Tricade Concrete Mix

Capital City Concrete
Designs Own Mix

TRICADE Increases Flatwork Durability

Capital City Concrete now offers its own specialized, high-quality concrete mix for all flatwork applications. TRICADE Concrete provides better quality and performance, and is a total solution. We pour it, leave it, and there is no need to come back and seal it.

The TRICADE Series reduces callbacks for scaling flatwork, and you’ll see fewer flaking issues over time. All of Capital City Concrete’s proprietary TRICADE mix designs include TRICADE Shield, our signature integral sealer. TRICADE Shield increases durability and eliminates the need to seal your concrete 30 days post-install. By utilizing these mix designs, there’s no need to return to the job site for sealing — saving you money and increasing overall efficiency.

Other benefits of Capital City Concrete’s TRICADE mix includes:

  • Combats freeze and thaw
  • Repels salt and oil
  • Limits stains and mold
  • Reduces dusting
  • Maintains traction
  • Offers a permanent chemical bond

is Right For You?

TRICADE Concrete is available in three mix designs:

  • TRICADE Light Duty — Includes TRICADE Shield, a standard water reducer and 4,000 PSI
  • TRICADE Medium Duty (best value) — Includes all the benefits of TRICADE Light with a stronger PSI (4,500 as recommended by the American Concrete Institute for exterior flatwork applications), an enhanced water reducer, a slump retention admixture, and fibrillated fibers to combat shrinkage cracks
  • TRICADE Heavy-Duty — Includes all the benefits of TRICADE Medium Duty, plus a slightly lower water-to-cement ratio and a shrinkage reducing admixture — ideal for commercial flatwork at 5,000 PSI

TRICADE Extreme Duty — Capital City Concrete and our engineers can create the Extreme Duty that best fits your project.

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Why You Want Fiber in Your Concrete

Capital City Concrete’s own high-quality concrete mix, TRICADE, is fiber reinforced, which makes already durable concrete even stronger and minimizes cracking. Fibers provide secondary reinforcement for improved durability. For residential concrete projects, the polypropylene fiber in our mix increases the toughness of patios or walkways and uniformly distributes the concrete. For commercial projects, we use macro-synthetic fibers to improve the concrete’s durability and impact resistance, providing beneficial reinforcement. Made from synthetic materials, these fibers are long and thick in size and may be used as a replacement for bar or fabric reinforcement. Other advantages of using fiber-reinforced concrete in projects are:

  • Decreases Cracking: The last thing you want to do is pour a nice concrete patio or driveway and have it crack shortly thereafter. Polypropylene fibers help to decrease cracking by protecting the concrete from stresses when it’s most vulnerable, typically during the first 24 hours after placement.

  • If you’re looking to reduce cracking for commercial applications, steel fibers are a great choice. Microcracks naturally appear in concrete due to shrinkage and they may intertwine with one another and become larger, which can create visible cracking in the concrete. The steel fibers Capital City Concrete uses counteract this by intersecting the cracks and stopping their growth, thus reducing cracking and creating a more aesthetically pleasing slab.

  • Improves Freeze-Thaw Resistance: When concrete is exposed to multiple freeze-thaw cycles, cracking, scaling and crumbling can occur. Adding fibers to the concrete will improve its freeze-thaw resistance and help keep the concrete strong and attractive for extended periods of time.
  • Reduce Effects of Shrinkage: During the curing process, concrete experiences shrinkage as the water evaporates. This process can cause cracks or other imperfections in the concrete. Fibers can help to improve a concrete’s resistance to shrinkage, which will in turn reduce its cracking.


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