Is Your Ugly Driveway Ready

For a Makeover?

Is Your Ugly Driveway Ready
For a Makeover?

Leave it to Capital City Concrete. We are Columbus, Ohio’s premier concrete design specialists.



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Columbus’ Expert Residential and Commercial Concrete Contractors

Capital City Concrete is a family-owned concrete contractor serving the Columbus and central Ohio area. Founded in 2014, Capital City’s foundation is built on its crew’s 50 years of combined concrete construction experience and expertise. We use only high-quality labor and equipment on every job.

The company provides both residential and commercial concrete design, installation and repair services for a multi-state area — from concrete driveways and patios to retail parking lots and loading docks. And more.

We use our own specialized TRICADE® high-quality concrete mix, and adhere to the strictest safety and ADA compliance standards.


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Concrete Installation and Repair

Flowers flank concrete driveway

Residential Driveways

Concrete driveways are strong and durable.

Concrete patio above swimming pool

Patios & Front Porches

Concrete patios and porches require little maintenance.

Concrete sidewalk installation outside CVS store

Commercial Work

Parking lots, loading docks, wheelchair ramps and more.


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Concrete porch under construction

What They’re Saying

Looking For a Job? We Have Some.

Capital City Concrete is always on the lookout for hard-working individuals who want to begin a career in the concrete construction industry and be part of a successful team.

Concrete vs. Asphalt Driveways

Homeowners can have a difficult time deciding which option to choose for their driveway replacement. Concrete or asphalt? Asphalt or concrete? A residential concrete driveway costs more per square foot than an asphalt driveway, but has a longer life. A concrete driveway can stay in place in excess of 25 years. The beauty of a concrete driveway is how little ongoing maintenance it requires. Concrete is stronger and ages better than asphalt in the hot and humid summers, and light-colored concrete stays cool enough for your bare feet. The ridged edges of concrete for landscaping and the addition of decorative concrete also can be more aesthetically appealing to homeowners.

Concrete Finish Styles

Concrete is no longer plain, gray and boring. It can now be a beautiful decorative element for your home. Capital City Concrete is experienced in several concrete finishes, including stamped concrete; decorative overlays; exposed aggregate; swirl finish; broom finish; and buff wash finish. The most popular is stamped concrete, which results from imprinting patterns in freshly placed concrete and gains the high-end look of stone or brick pavement. Check out our page of samples for examples.

Cap City Concrete Now Produces its Own Mix

Capital City Concrete now offers its own high-quality concrete mix for all residential and commercial flatwork applications. The TRICADE Concrete series provides better quality and performance than its competition and reduces callbacks for scaling and flaking issues over time.

ADA Compliant For Commercial Work

Capital City Concrete is a commercial concrete contractor that follows ADA compliance standards for its commercial work. We specialize in knowing all ADA compliance guidelines.

Quality Control is Our Middle Name

Quality control is our No. 1 priority when it comes to customer satisfaction. We are constantly double-checking job sites to make certain our quality of craftsmanship and cleanliness is at the highest level. We also know that mistakes can be costly and delay project completion, and that thoroughly cleaning up the job site is part of our job.


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